Can't Open Some Native Instruments Komplete Samples After Update


Cubase 10.5 Pro
Windows 10

Hope someone can point me in the direction of a solution for this issue.
After looking at some previous posts here, I don’t think it’s actually a Cubase something is wrong issue, but the knowledge on this forum is excellent !

My system was operating perfectly well but after not using it for a while I checked for updates on my Native Instruments Komplete 12. There were quite a few and so I updated all relevant NI programmes via NI Access as I have done in the past as necessary.

However, when I came to use Cubase the next time, I found that some of the NI programmes would not load. I could hear the samples when scrolling through using my NI Komplete Keyboard, but when selecting to load to use within Cubase I got the message:

Loading Issue. Plug-in not found.
Please open the stand alone application to rescan or
rescan manually in the plug in preferences.”

One of the programmes where I couldn’t load the plug in was Drum Lab.
I went to NI Access and reloaded the Drum Lab programme.
Made no difference.

I can find the path for the relevant plug ins that won’t load, which seems (to me…a novice really) OK and is:

ThisPC/Local Disc (C:)/Users/Public/Public Documents/Drum Lab/Snapshots/Drum Library/

I have checked the blocked programmes in Plug In Manager, and whilst there are a lot of NI programmes listed (some are not valid because they are 32 bit), I can’t see any reference to the plug in files that won’t load.

Any ideas please ?
Is it possible that the ones that won’t load are actually 32 bit ??..although if they were, presumably they wouldn’t have loaded into Cubase before I updated the NI programmes.