Can't open Sub menus in Sample Editor

I feel like an idiot right but can’t figure this one out…

I am trying to convert an audio track into midi, I double click the track and the sample editor opens. I see the Inspector on the left (Definition, AudioWarp, VariAudio…) but if I click on any of the buttons their sub menus won’t show therefore I can’t do any VariAudio functionality. I have used these fetures many times and never had that issue. I restarted Nuendo, used a different project…no avail.

Can anyone please help, I know there is something stupid I’m missing here…


Quick addendum, this is happening also on the Inspector in the project window.
none of the buttons react anymore.
I can click record, mute, solo on the track but not in the inspector window, as if it is locked somehow, but I don’t know how to unlock it.