Can't open user content folder in Groove Agent 5

Cubase 10.5 Pro

Groove Agent 5

Steinberg UR242

Windows 10 pro

Self-built Desktop PC.

Main board Asustek ROG STRIX X299-EX GAMING

CPU Intel Core i9 9920X

64GB DDR 4 Quad RAM

Until recently, Groove agent and Cubase were plying ball and everything was rose in the garden. Then suddenly, out of the blue, scrolling through the Groove Agent browser, I could no longer access my user content files, both midi and audio. I could get as far as the folder containing the files, but no further. I tried re-installing the Groove Agent app, but still the same situation occurred. I even uninstalled and re-installed everything Steinberg, but still the same result? Can anyone shed light on this, please.


Did you have a WIN10 patch update? ADMIN right changes?