Can't Open VariAudio on Some Tracks

I posted this “downstairs” in Issues but it’s not getting much traction there. Thought I’d try here.

I can open VariAudio on some audio tracks in a project but not others. On certain Tracks, when I double-click on a clip, the Lower Zone opens and the Inspector is blank. I think it’s the Audio Part Editor that’s opening, but with the Inspector blank I can’t get to VariAudio. Does anyone know why this is happening? Probably an overlooked setting.

-thanks, Mark

You just have to read the tile bar of the editor window, an you know for sure. And you also have the answer to your question.Variaudio is available only in the sample editor.“Bounce selection” for example makes your parts to events again.

Problem solved! I used Bounce Selection to crate a new clip and it opened in the Sample Editor just fine; to which VariAudio could then be applied.

And you also have the answer to your question.

At this point in my Cubase journey I have zero answers as to why things don’t work. I think a Beginners Forum would be an excellent idea.

Every solution leads to more questions, so:

I understand that Bounce Selection creates a new clip that contains the selected range, but why do I need to do this-what was wrong with the old clip? Some clips open and some don’t. I thought that any audio clip should be able to be opened in the Sample Editor.


The old clip way not a clip (or better: event) it was a part, not an event. Audio events open in the sample editor, audio parts open in the audio part editor when double clciked. And audio events and audio parts are two different things. There is a dedicated chapter in the manual explaining parts events and clips IIRC.

Thanks svennilenni for providing the answer to my question once again. I’ll read that chapter now that I know it’s there.

You should know that I don’t post any question here without doing research in both the manual, this forum and and youtube first. After spending 3-4 hours over several days unsuccessfully looking for a solution to this issue, I can either ask here or send a ticket to Steinberg tech support. I appreciate your help.