can't open wavelab 9.5 after updating to 10

After installing Mohave on a new boot drive and wavelab 10 and working for a few weeks, I need to open wavelab 9.5 on my s High Sierra boot drive with wavelab 9.5 to finish up a project that was started here. I would just work on it in 10, but for some reason, most likely either the way Wavelab addresses Waves plugins, or something changing in the naming of a waves plugin, I am unable to open my master section presets.
I thought that previously I had opened wavelab 8 after installing 9, but I get a message saying can’t open 9 as novalid license exists. Is there a way to get previous versions to open with an updated elicenser?

No problems here. WL 10 also authorizes WL 9. Maybe something changed in your elicencer software???
Best of luck!

Have you installed/updated the latest eLicenser on your High Sierra boot drive? What I am thinking is that the license was updated correctly on migration to WL 10 on the Mojave drive, but because the WL9.5 installation is on a different (High Sierra) boot drive, the High Sierra installation hasn’t recognized that yet.

Yep, that was it, elicenser out of date on the HS drive. Thanks a bunch, shoulda thought about it a bit more before hitting panic.