Can't open Wavelab

Just got a new studio PC after the old one died. Reinstalled all my software, but Wavelab won’t open. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, reinstalled the eLicenser. No joy. As it opens I get the dialog box saying it is a trial version and I need to activate. If I try to activate using the code I have it says there is no license for it. If I select ‘start’ nothing happens. My Steinberg a/c has a code for Wavelab 9.5, but not for 10. There is no downloadable version of 9.5. Any suggestions?

It’s a little hard to follow what you are doing here, but here are the WaveLab 9.5 Downloads:

Thanks for that. I got it sorted. I’m a bit brain-dead after 8 days and nights of solid downloading just to get my studio PC back up to speed. Internet here is shit.

But for anyone else looking for the full version of Wavelab 9.5 you can’t get it directly from the Steinberg download page - you need to get it via the Download Assistant.