Can't paste notes from piano left hand to bassoon

I’m trying to copy and paste a phrase from the left hand of a piano part to a bassoon part in Dorico 2.0 (macOS 10.13.5). I select the phrase in the piano left hand, hit copy or cut, and then select a measure in the bassoon part and hit paste. The dynamics are pasted, but none of the notes. I can’t figure out what’s going on, but my suspicion is that it may have something to do with voices. Any suggestions?

I just discovered the solution: Paste Special:Paste Into Voice:Up-stem Voice 1

Not very intuitive. I feel like the standard Paste command should be able to determine “the right thing” to do in this situation. At the very least, you should probably put up an error in a dialog box explaining why you can’t paste, rather than just failing silently. I probably just need to read up on how voices work.

Interesting! I’ve been having the same problem. Maybe there could be an alert that says, “Paste into Downstem Voice 1 (which may require a new voice to be created) or into the default Upstem Voice?” A little clunky, but perhaps better than the current version where only the dynamic gets pasted.

same experience today…
after it seemed impossible to paste a (filtered) downstem voice to another staff, I discovered the usefulness of ‘Paste Special>Paste into Voice…

There is a bug in Dorico 2.0 whereby copying and pasting from instruments with more than one staff to instruments with only one staff does not work correctly. The workaround for now is to paste the material onto the right-hand staff and then re-copy it from there, then paste to the destination. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and this problem will be fixed in a forthcoming update.

Is this why I had trouble cuing from a piano intro to a vocal part for a lead sheet?

I wouldn’t have thought so: it doesn’t affect cueing. You can cue from the left-hand staff of a piano by choosing ‘Piano (b)’ in the Shift+U popover.

I have been running into the same issue these past few days (only with piano left hand and cello, rather than bassoon). I was working around it by pasting into voice, but your workaround seems faster, Daniel. Glad this will be fixed soon, though. Thanks!

Daniel, I’ve found another workaround: Paste Special > Reduce works fine (as long as you’re copying only one voice). You can filter the down-stem voice as a selection.