Can't Play All Midi Channels

Hey guys,

I Have a launchkey mini 3 that I’m using with Halion. Not sure if I’m missing something but it will only play Midi 1. I have both Midi Options set to (any) but when I add a second Instrument it will only play the first slot in midi one even with the setting to any. I can’t figure out it out for the life of me?
Is there a seperate setting In Halion?

Just a question: if you need to play 2 instruments on a row why you’re not setting the second one with the same midi channel of the first rather than any? Did you try to set the same channel (even any) for the both of them?

Yes thanks, that works perfectly fine. The reason is because I would like to add 3rd Party fx on the individual instruments whilst still in a global unit of Halion

Oh now I’ve got the idea. I am not sure but I think you might need to open 2 Halion instances to have them in separate channels so then you can go with insert /send slots.
Never used that way but was it working in C12?