can't play any mp3 while cubase is open

This started a while ago, and maybe it has been discussed before,
If you open cubase, I can’t listen to a mp3 from my computer , you tube etc. is this a windows thing? cubase works fine and the music player fine

they won’t play together for some reason, it slows the tracks down or on utube it won’t play them at all?

thanks for help or link to solve problem if there is one. kevin

It is up to your audio card drivers not windows.
Whether or not it could play 2 or more audio streams simultaneously (check your driver or sound card settings)

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it all worked before this last updates , I sometime record a song I want to play on cubase , but now utube won’t open at all while cubase is open

Probably what Grim linked to. :wink:

But, if not, look in the Studio>Studio Setup>VST Audio System menu to see if the “Release Driver when Application is in Background” option is checked or not.

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It actually is windows sample frecuecy setup, if your project uses 48khz try in windows settings the same sample frecuecy,
It worked for me!