Can't play audio through USB connection from Dell 5480 Laptop to D6000 Dock

Hello all,

I am running Cubase Elements 9.5. I use my Dell Latitude 5480 laptop to track drums in my basement studio (via Zoom UAC-8). I would like to play back and mix using the setup in my office (same laptop), which consists of, among other things, speakers connected to a Dell D6000 USB-C dock. The only way so far I’m able to successfully play audio in my office is through the crappy laptop speaker. I’ve downloaded and installed ASIO4ALL v2.14, and I see “Dell USB Audio 1” through “Dell USB Audio 6” in the output selections when I’ve got “Dell USB Audio” selected in the WDM Device List in the ASIO4ALL control panel (see attached screenshot) … initially, I marked outputs 3-6 as not visible since I only need stereo out.

That all looks right, but I’m not hearing anything when selecting any of these “Dell USB Audio N” selections. I also notice that all windows audio through the USB audio connection is not working when Cubase is running, but presumably that’s because Cubase takes over the audio connections? Anyway … if I could playback through this USB audio setup, I’d be thrilled.

Has anyone gotten playback to work through the dock in a similar setup?

-gene lewin

Hi all … I’m giving this post a quick bump, and also mentioning that I just upgraded to Cubase Elements 10.5 and still have the same result as my original post. Any thoughts?