Cant play cd's burnt from wav files

I have cubase studio 4 on a new i7 pc. I now cant seem to burn a cd. I select the song with the loop markers and audio mix down to 16 bit, 44,1khz. I select cubase wav file and sterio. The resulting file icon is a pale blue quarter note and film clip much like the windows media file. I seem to remember a cubase icon in older versions of cubase. Anyway. properties describes it as a Wav file but the resultant cd burnt in Nero 8 wont play in my player where other cd’s I recorded in older versions of cubase play perfectly. The files do play in windows media player. What am I missing. Thanks.

What does Properties for the file say? Screenshot, if possible.

Dont know how to do a screen shot but, Properties\General. Type of file: WAV file (.wav). Opens with: Cubase Studio.Thanks

It sounds like some sort of format issue. My guess is that you burned a data CD rather than an audio CD.

In Nero, I search for the wav file to burn but they are not visible. The wav file shows when I select to search ALL FILES. Then when I try to burn it, Nero message is “Unexpected file format” and no burn takes place. Also,the same blue note icon for the cubase file is the same as the windows media icon. Is this correct. Will someone please let me know what the cubase WAV icon is supposed to look like. Any ideas please.

For one reason or another, the codec Cubase uses is giving your media players trouble, so you could either search for and install the codec or try another format. A 320 kbps MP3 would sound indistinguishable from a WAV file. I can’t remember if Studio 4 has the MP3 encoder, but if it doesn’t, you could also try exporting as WMAs with similar settings and burning those.

The icon you see really doesn’t give that much info about a certain file. When a program has access defaults to a file extension, that file will use the program’s icons.