Can't play (hear) or record Audio

I have Cubase 8 Pro and my sound interface is an Audiofire 8.

I hadn’t open Cubase in a couple of months, so when I did it today, I coudln’t hear any audio tracks.

Also, when I try to record some audio on a single track, I get the “Too many tracks recording” error, while it’s only one.

If I close Cubase and I try to play some song using Windows Media Player, which uses the same AudioFire 8, the song is played correctly.

I’ve been dealing with this problem for hours now. When this happened to me in the past, it was only a matter of rebooting the computer, however, after rebooting several times and check the FireWire status, driver, etc. the problem persists.

Everything was working OK 2 months ago. I’m guessing that some Windows update altered some configuration, but I can’t figure out what is wrong.

NOTE: If I change the ASIO controller to “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver” instead of “ASIO Echo Firewire”, then I can hear the audio tracks, however, it doesn’t sound correctly, and it freezes at the middle of the song, then it continues etc.

2 Months ago, when “ASIO Echo Firewire” was selected, everything worked like a charm.

I’ve also installed the “LatencyMon” app, since I read that on a different post, and it says everything is OK.

I have Windows 10 (64bits), 8GB RAM and about 804GB free on my HD

Any help will be really really appreciated.

Well, I finally “solved” it by installing the ASIO4ALL v2 driver, and using that one instead.

Why the “ASIO Echo Firewire” driver stopped working is still a mistery.

I can only hope that this problem won’t happen eventually with the ASIO4ALL driver, or maybe I should use my computer off-line in order to avoid Windows 10 updates, which only messes everything up.

In case someone faces this problem too, ASIO4ALL was not a good solution. Cubase would crash randomly 4 times a day.

I disabled Google hangouts, and Windows automatic updates, and now the original driver “ASIO Echo Firewire” is working again, and Cubase is not crashing. Drivers should be totally independant from Windows, I thought the “DLL hell” was way beyond in the past, however, I had to cross my fingers everyday when starting Windows just to see if Cubase was going to start or not. By disabling Windows updates I’ve corrected that problem, and honestly, I couldn’t care less about the useless Windows updates.