Can't play music in other applications when Cubase is open

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but if I need to watch a tutorial video on youtube, let’s say, or listen to some inspiration on soundcloud, It only plays 3 seconds and then stops. I am running Cubase 8 with an Audient ID22 sound interface.

This probably has nothing to do with Cubase but is most likely the browser (particularly the WiFi stream) interrupting the audio stream and causing it to stop. Whenever I use the browser, and especially to watch a video (even when Cubase is not running), I have to raise the buffer size of the audio stream or it will likely strop after 15 seconds or so.

Go to Device Setup, check to be sure “Release Driver when Application is in the Background” is checked. If it is not, nothing else can use your driver other than Cubase. Also, if your project is at 48k, this will set the driver at 48k and this may stop stuff working in the background even if the above is checked (most playback is at 41.1 on other apps)

I assign media player to my soundcard’s 3 & 4 outputs. That is assuming like above you are running 44100.