Can't play VST using MIDI keyboard

hi all,

Just setting up brand new install on a new PC - bit new to Cubase so please be gentle…

Win7 - 64bit - Cubase 7.5 - Behringer Firepower FCA610 - Roland PC-180A Midi Keyboard

Midi key presses don’t seem to be making it to the VST ?

I load a track instrument (Halion for example)

Select All MIDI Inputs as the input and the Halion is there as the Instrument

MIDI Keyb is working fine - checked with MIDI Monitor App (Also works fine in Kontact)

Been thru Device Setup - All looks OK -

MIDI key presses do register on the Transport in Cubase (can see when key is pressed) so the MIDI is received?

CAn play VST using mouse - ok

but no sound when using Keyboard!

any suggestions?



oh, and I can record on that track - and playback - just can’t hear what I’m recording…monitoring setup?

Sorry… being stoopid. You have to enble Midi Thru - RTMF!