can't playback mixdown

I’m very new to this so be easy on me! I’m running ai 5 through a steinberg ci 2. I’ve recorded several tracks and did the audio mixdown, but now when I try to re-open the project it opens and the tracks are all grey, except for the two mixdown tracks, they’re blue. I can’t get any sound to come out. I have an earlier mixdown of another song and it does work. Please help!

Use the Mute Tool (X) to unmute the parts.

I’ve tried to mute and also tried the solo button. Still nothing. It scrolls through the song and the meters move, but it doesn’t work.I mixed it down a few times and I have found mixed down versions, but they are clipping like crazy.

You aren’t following instructions. Don’t use the track mute, use the Mute Tool in the toolbar at the top.

When you exported you chose to project which is why what happened, happened.

It’s clipping because you have many takes of the same thing playing at once.

I did try the mute tool (X), unless I’m using it wrong. I’ll try to cut down the layers to get only one mixdown.

A screenshot of the project window might help to see what’s going on.

Is there a way to send the screen directly?

You have to make a JPEG and attach it.

Pretty poor pic.

Print Screen and pasting to Paint is how it’s done. Tell me again the specific issue. Did you delete some of the redundant tracks? Did you un-check Import To Project so it will stop doing it?

here’s the screen. hope it helps.
cubase screen.png

You have to dis-able Monitor for Playback.

Like this?
cubase screen 2.png

still the same

Drag the event to another newly created audio track and see if it’s the same. Is so, try a new project. Are you sure the correct ASIO driver is selected and the correct buses set up and selected?

It was the output buses. Thanks a ton for all your help!