Can't post on HSO forum so here goes..

I was going to post a question about Halion Symphony Orchestra (my trial version with Cubase 5) on the HSO forum but it appears I’m not allowed to. My registration is only showing Cubase SE and 5 even though I’ve activated HSO through MySteinberg. I’m not going to start ballsing around with registration anymore. Jeez, I only wanted to ask a question!

Anyway, after spending hours trying to work out how to use HSO properly and then not readily being able to ask for help on it, I’ve now given up using it and will NOT now be bothering to get a full license for it. Pity, but I really don’t need the hassle. I’ll be looking elsewhere for my orchestra plugins.

If a moderator is feeling helpful, perhaps you could shift this message to the correct forum 'cos I can’t! :wink: