Can't post support ticket


I’m trying to submit a support ticket (from UK) but upon clicking next after entering my name etc it just takes me back to the home page. At which point I have to log in again.

Ultimately trying to get hold of an invoice for an upgrade to Cubase 11, it’s on my products list but cannot see any options regardling the sale.



I also can’t do it. When I click to get ticket it show me only distributors in my country. What I am doing wrong?.

You need Online Shop support at

As far as being brought back to the homepage and needing to log in again, I might suggest to delete cookies and cache.

Unfortunately, outside of the these countries listed it’s the local dealers who are supposed to provide support, with varying results.

Hello. Thanks for your answer. So if I leave in Russia, I can’t get support from Steinberg? Honestly don’t think that Yamaha in Russia can give me the support regarding Cubase issues or support :frowning: or I am wrong?

I managed to get a ticket in to the shop as suggested above but can’t check the status as I can’t log in as my email I used for the purchase is unrecognised (the problem). I’ve tried deleting the cache, it still loops back to the homepage (although shows www . in the address bar) on the main website.

What’s the typical response time and will I get it via email (as I can’t log into the site as above to check). UPDATE: I’ve received a response already with details of the purchase and means to reset my password and account so I can log into the shop and can download the invoice. Great.

Still not sure why the ticketing doesn’t appear to work on the main website, hope no one else is experiencing that.

Many thanks.

Australian here. We’ve got one guy at Yamaha that constitutes Steinberg tech support for a country of 25 million people. It’s ridiculous. All they usually do anyway is forward on the request to Steinberg HQ. Takes weeks to get any reply.

It’s a terrible system. Most people here don’t bother - if you have something fairly urgent, there’s simply no point asking Steinberg for help.

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I am agree. You purchased the product from official web, but can’t get the support from official web!

Same problem here, can’t send a ticket. When I click on send after entering name etc. I’m redirected to the home page… I have this problem for weeks now. I guess it has something to do with their new website.

Or they’re trying to get less support tickets :grinning:

Yes, a lot of people are like second class citizen regarding support access. But the price on the online shop is the same…

Steinberg could change this stupid policy.

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