Can't print Cubase 6 score to PDF

I having been having troubles printing cubase 6 scores to PDF.

I have no problems printing any score to my regular printer. But when I print to PDF I get the mess that you can see in my attached file.

Can anyone help me?

I am using Windows 7, and have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed. I can print to PDF in any other program on my computer.

What am I doing wrong? I don’t see a discussion of this in the manual.

Thanks for any help.

Steinberg Framework Printout.pdf (150 KB)

This means the fonts are not being seen by the printer driver. Cubase printing properly to your printer would indicate that the problem lies with Adobe’s app or driver, not Cubase.

I would try cutepdf when I was on Windows it worked.

Using CutePDF solved my problem. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

Now, the question…why does CutePDF work, and Adobe Acrobat doesn’t???

I may never know the answer but at least ‘problem solved’.

Thanks, again.


Really. :unamused: