Can't print plug-ins to tracks (??)

I inserted a UA EQ (Cambridge) plug-in into a piano track. I made my adjustments to my satisfaction and saved it as a preset. As I liked it enough to print it right to the track, I went into the project window and attempted to do just that. But NONE OF MY POWERED PLUG-INS SHOWED UP to select (???)! They show up in the insert menu on the channel. But for some reason, they’re not showing up for me to process the event directly.

Anyone here have any idea of what’s going on and how to correct it? :question:

The plug-in is clearly there in the mixer insert menu (see lower left of photo).
Nuendo 6.5 Plug-in Menu MIXER VIEW 00.jpg
So WHY isn’t the powered plugs folder showing up in the project window menu?
Nuendo 6.5 Plug-in Menu PROJECT WINDOW VIEW 01.jpg
The Powered Plug-in Folder SHOULD be right under Pitch Shift in the Plug-ins Menu. Where’d it go? Is there something I need to adjust in preferences or something for N6.5? I didn’t see anything there that would indicate that was an adjustment option. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t.

Anybody got any ideas?

UAD plugins only show up as Inserts, so I think you need to play the track with the plugins you want and bounce the result to a new track.

Since when? As I stated earlier, that folder USED to show up right under pitch shift on the project window plug-ins menu. Is this new?

Not true on my computers.


I must be deranged!

I haven’t actually checked it.

Wouldn’t that be a different thread? :laughing:

I’d definitely qualify for comment… hoo, boy…


Wasn’t true for me either. So do you have any idea what would make it disappear from the menu like that?

I do not.


It’s confirmed - I am deranged! - if I right click on a part in the Project window the UAD plugins are available from there on my system - I had no idea.

So I don’t know why they do not show up for keyplayer.

I decided to check if this was a 6.5 issue vrs 6.0. I pulled up the same file (which is why the title has a N6.5 suffix) into N6.02 and voila, the Powered Plug-ins show up in the Project Window Plug-in Menu!
Nuendo 6.02 Plug-in Menu PROJECT WINDOW VIEW 01.jpg
In fact, look how much longer the plug-in submenu is. I’ve got a ton of other plugs that I hadn’t even noticed originally that were missing because I was only looking for the UA plugs!

Then, I opened the same file in N6.5 and it’s no longer available, along with several other folders worth of plugs. What’s going on???
Nuendo 6.5 Plug-in Menu PROJECT WINDOW VIEW 02.jpg
Classic Plugs, Instruments, Modern Plugs, ADT, Virtual Guitarist, Voxengo Plugs & UA-1 Plugs are all missing from the menu. Are they no longer supported in N6.5?

Anybody? Was there a change in support for UA-1 in N6.5?

From memory bit bridged plugins will not show up for offline processing. If you’re using a 64 bit host make sure the plugins are 64 bit.

Yep, that was it. I JUST realized that my auto-launch button on my X-Keys controller was launching the 64 bit instead of the 32 bit version. Mystery solved. Thanks!