Can't Propagate Part Formatting from/to Custom Layout

I’m trying to propagate the Part Formatting one Custom Layout to another, but neither are listed in the dialog.

I presume this is because they’re not “Parts”…? Is there another way of duplicating Layouts?

There is not, I’m afraid: Propagate Part Formatting really does only work for part layouts.

Thanks, Daniel: I’ve been asked to do an edition of Spem in alium, for which Dorico is eminently suited to producing Scores for each choir with reductions. Tried to do this before in other software, but just too much work!

Even without this option, it’s an absolute pleasure!

Ben, you might find it easier to use regular Part Layouts. There’ll be extra clicking to do during the setup process (to remove flows/players manually), but that might be mitigated by the time saving that comes with the ability to propagate part formatting.

Yes, you might be right. Thanks.