Can't propagate part formatting to custom score

Hello Dorico users
I wonder if anyone can help with this one.
I’ve got an SATB choral score (Full Score). A lot of time went into its nice layout. But I want to add some light orch parts to it (strs, w/w).
So here’s the question. Before I add orch parts to my SATB score (and mess up the vocal score formatting), how can I make a new SATB part which preserves the careful formatting of the original SATB full score?
I tried to add a Custom Score, with the four vocal parts in, planning to Propagate Part Formatting from the original SATB full score. But, when I clicked on Propagate Part Formatting, I found that the new Custom Score doesn’t show at all among the parts to which I can propagate.
So how can I do it?

I don’t believe it can be done by adding a custom score and expecting the layout to be exactly the same. When I need something like this, I duplicate the source flow. This often transfers most (but not all) of the formatting of the parts in the original flow to the duplicate (new) flow. This give you a basis to build from. It’s clunky and a workaround; there may be a better option for you which someone else may know of. I just don’t know what that would be. Good luck

I definitely might be wrong here, but I think duplicating the flow only preserves system and frame breaks, and doesn’t preserve any horizontal or vertical adjustments, which I assume the OP would like to preserve as well. Does duplicating the flow preserve anything that couldn’t also be achieved by just creating a new Score Layout and copying all the frame and system breaks?

That was my thought as well. Use Select More and copy/paste breaks.

Well, thanks to you all. It looks like there’s no easy way to do it, which is a real shame.
Why on earth can’t Propagate Part Formatting propagate to Custom Scores?

I don’t doubt there’s a good reason for it: either a specific philosophical one, or a programming difficulty relating to custom scores.

It may have something to do with the fact that custom scores are… well, custom. They are intended to function completely independent of part and conductor scores.

In the situation as you were describing above, I usually use part scores for this. You can easily change the layout options relating to staff labels and staff size.

The clue’s in the name: the feature as designed is for propagating the formatting from one part to one or more other parts. We could extend it to work with other types of layouts, of course, but we don’t have any plans to do so imminently.

for me it would be a great convenience to duplicate a flow, including all the engrave changes (resizing frames, adding and formatting texts, etc.).

I’m writing a method, for example I write a flow with exercises in C major, I change the layout as I like in engrave mode, I duplicate the flow (for each key) and I use the transposition, but I keep exactly every graphic change. this does not happen now and is a waste of time unfortunately.

it would be wonderful, in my opinion, if the duplication of a layout would copy exactly everything.

otherwise I love Dorico. mine is only a desire for the future. I think it would be nice to be able to choose which elements to copy from a flow, it would be wonderful!

I agree. I’d really like a way to copy one layout completely to another.

Or, if import/export won’t work, simply being able to CTRL-C and CTRL-V layout objects between different projects.

Just wanted to ask if there is an easy way to duplicate an entire layout with 3.1? I have prepared my score for a violin sonata I have written. My Full Score is formatted to look good for printing but I would like to create an identical score and then change a few things as I will be reading and playing the piano part from the full score on my iPad. I would like everything to be the same, just have the ability to change the frame breaks really…So, I would like to duplicate the layout, rename it and edit it. If this is not possible, might I request this as a very useful feature for the future…I guess it could come under the umbrella of ‘alternative layouts’ or ‘versions’ of the same layout.
Thank you…All in all 3.1 is fantastic, and this is the first thing I have come up against that I can’t figure out.

There’s no easy way of doing this (short of duplicating the entire project and editing the existing layout in a separate file), but it’s already on the development team’s to-do list.

I would very much appreciate this functionality.

At the moment, I’m creating choral-vocal scores with keyboard reduction, which require a lot of formatting. I then want to make a modified layout for the choir only, which reduces the size of the soloist staves for clarity. At the moment, I’m having to maintain duplicate files. Thought it might be helpful to share my particular scenario.