Can't purchase HALion 3> 4 Upgrade

For the last few months, I’ve been trying to purchase the HALion 3>4 Upgrade from the Steinberg Online shop. I’ve tried it logged into my account and not logged in. I go through the entire process until I reach the step just before entering my credit card info, and then this message comes up, and ‘the item is removed from my cart’:

"An error has occured.

A product has been removed from your cart. This may be because:

  1. The product is not available in your country.

  2. It is an educational product, for the purchase of which you need to be approved by Steinberg. Mehr Infos."

Not available in my country?? After all this time? Version 4.5 beta is already out! Canada is not a small island in the arctic. :slight_smile: Does anyone have a clue what is going on here??

Hello Playz123,

It is from a logistic/technical point not possible to order from Canada at ur online shop. Please contact our department in Canada directly. The contact details are:

Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.
135 Milner Avenue
Toronto, ON M1S 3R1



Thanks, Chris. Oh, but I already tried that months ago, and again today. When one goes to the Canadian Upgrade page, the first thing one is supposed to do is select the product that you wish to upgrade. Guess what? The list only shows Halion 1 and Halion 2. I want to upgrade from Halion 3. So can’t get anywhere there either. Someone, somewhere needs to ’ get their act together’. I’ll try placing a long distance call to that telephone number next week, but if that doesn’t produce results, then it’s time to move on to other things. Thanks for your suggestion though.

Trying to upgrade from Halion 3 to Halion 4 myself and have run into the same situation. Steinberg Canada online only has provision to upgrade from Halion 2 to 3. Thought things were supposed to change, what a maroon. :laughing:

Tried your local Long & McQuade or Long & McQuade online?

They have the Halion 3 to Halion 4 upgrade.

This is what I had to do as well, purchase from my local Long & Mcquade. I believe I payed about 139, or slightly less, certainly not more.

From Long & McQuade Online its $99. Plus applicable federal and provincial sales taxes. And shipping.
Should be the same price in-store, minus the shipping charges. Granted, they might have to order it.

And therein lies the rub, they have to order it. How long it takes depends on whether or not Steinberg Canada/Yamaha have it in stock. If they don’t, well, then it’s the slow boat from Germany, I suppose. Simply ridiculous. All my Avid and Adobe software (Media Composer and Master Collection respectively) are fully downloadable, and they are big programs, why not Halion 4? Just frustrating to have to deal with this still after all these years.

You really want to download 2 dual-layer DVD’s worth of data? That’s about 17 gigs of data! (2 x 8.5 GB).
You’d be downloading for hours (assuming that the download doesn’t stop).
Edit: Halion 4 takes 15GB of hard drive space.

That’s also why they don’t offer downloads of it. It would probably overload their servers. The internet will eventually be able to support a purely digital marketplace, but we aren’t there yet.

I remember my old ISP would start tacking on “useage fees” if I went over 30GB in a month. With my primary source of entertainment being youtube, it got pretty darn close.

Define big (as in how many megabytes is the downloaded file).

Fully Installed, Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 64Bit is just shy of 19GB. I get 60 gig of downloads included from my ISP, which I have never come close to using.
The point here is that Steinberg Canada simply sucks wind, always has, but is even worse now. Why we are prevented from buying in the US online shop gets down to a territorial sales thing I am sure, which is fine unless you are bad at delivering product to your clients. Steinberg Canada shouldn’t even exist, it is unnecessary, and bad for the product. Shouldn’t take a month to get an upgrade. Anyway, got it ordered, it’s done, no big deal, just sad and pathetic service. Love the guys at Long and McQuade, by the way, nothing against them, they are victims of the same system.


I had to order my copy from Long and Mcquade last summer, when it was just released. I believe I had it in my hands the next day, maybe 2 days later max, but it certainly wasn’t a long wait and this is when it was still brand new and no one really had stock yet. I know I payed $13x, so at $99, you are getting a better price too. I would order it and just wait it out though it shouldn’t be long. Before you know it, you will have it in hand to enjoy, it really is a great program, 99% of my tracks are done solely with it now.

Not one upgrade box in all of Ontario…at least not at L&M or Saved by Technology.
L&M doesn’t even have online stock.