Can't purchase update

Hi. I´ve trying to buy your new versions since 2021 but your customer service told me you lost my info and asked me for info that can´t retrieve because It doesn´t exist. I´m trying to find a solution but no help was received. I´m really dissapointed that I lost the discounts because of this, and now with win 11 and the 7.5 I´m stuck in an issue. Please help.

Hi Pablo,

what’s exactly the issue? Why can’t you just buy an update to Cubase 12?

Hi Matthias, thanks for asking so fast:
I bought Cubase 6 and made regular updates until 7.5, I have my usb key and it was working ok. On 2021 I wanted to update to the pro newer version, but the people from asknet told me they lost my data, noticed the problem when I tried to retrieve my password and didn´t arrive, so I contacted them and confirmed that. They asked me for some info I don´t think I have it all (it was 8 years ago the first purchase, around 2013-2014 and used a promotion as a music student). I tried to update now but still can´t. What honestly bothers me is that the euro and dollar change for me is really bad now compared to what it was back then, and now I have to pay extra for this issue. Since I was even certified in Cubase 6 back then and pretend to continue with Cubase, I will appreciate to solve this and a discount, now I´m also having issues with win 11 (don´t know if it is a version issue or what) and can´t hear a sound of my session.

Thanks, I really hope we can make this work out.


The asknet account is independent from the Steinberg ID account. You can just create a new Asknet account, purchase the update from 7.5, enter the download access code in the SDA and you will be good. If it’s currently too expensive, you can be patient and wait for a sales promotion.

Matthias, I will buy it, but have some questions, if you can help me I will appreciate.
Where should I make the new account? I went to the cart, checkout, but it asks me for a login, and no chance of making a new account. I understand we have a forum login, steinberg account login, and shop login, so I´m a little confused.
When I but, I chose the update option?
Also, how do I connect that purchase with my existing licence?
Thanks in advance.

During the purchase process you will be asked to register/sign-in. That’s the AskNet account where your purchase information is handled. At the end of the process you will receive an email with a DAC. Download Access Code. This code will be entered in the SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant). You will asked to sign-in with your Steinberg Account to the SDA. That’s the same account you are using for the forum. Cubase 12 uses the new Steinberg Licensing. When entering the DAC in the SDA the license of Cubase 12 will be placed in your Steinberg account. Again, that’s independent from the AskNet account.

I know, the process with two separate accounts isn’t 100% convenient. We are working on it.

Thanks for you help Matthias, I was a bit complicated with this but with this info you gave me I can solve with no problem :+1:.
Once again thanks and have a nice day.

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