Can't re-open project with Groove Agent SE4 in it


Sorry to make this my first post, but I’m losing my mind. If I start a project with Groove Agent SE 4, I can do all the things I need it for, and I love it. Once I close the project and want to re-open it, Cubase freezes and says it committed an error and must be shut down.

In this instance, I have to close Cubase with Task Manager (as is usual for me with Cubase), and restart (while VST 2 Plug-in manager takes about five minutes, which also seems usual with Cubase).

I have Windows 8 and Cubase Pro 9.0.30 and am a little bummed that something so expensive works so poorly. Reaper loads in about 8 seconds.

This happens no matter what samples I load into GA, and there are no plugins causing it.

I have done two reinstalls of Cubase 9, and two or three reinstalls of GA SE 4 itself.

Any help is totally appreciated though I don’t hold out much hope…I searched this forum already and somebody with the same problem was left high and dry…in 2015.

Anyways, cheers for making it down this far. And thanks in advance for any help.