Can't reactivate AI 4


It’s been a year or more since I last used Cubase (got it with my Yamaha KX8), and the licenser is unhappy with me (Inactive - date update necessary). I tried reactivating through MySteinberg, however that page tells me that…

The license cannot be reactivated. The apparently new eLicenser contains the license of the old activation code. Please enter another Soft-eLicenser number or contact the support team of Steinberg!

Based on a another members similar problem, I did not update to the new eLicenser.

I’m in Australia, so not sure how to get support directly - can anyone suggest a workaround for me?



Please login to your MySteinberg user account on and click on Cubase AI4 under Activation & Reactivation and click on MORE under Reactivation.

Now open the eLicense Control Center (PC: Start menu, All Programs, eLicenser, eLCC. MAC: Applications, eLicenser Control Center) and under MyLicenses you should see Soft-eLicenser and a 20-character number. You need to enter in this new 20-character Soft-eLicenser number.

Next enter in your old Activation Code number that you used to originally activate the Cubase AI4 program and click on REQUEST NEW ACTIVATION CODE and a new code will be emailed to the address you used in your MySteinberg account.

To install this new Activation Code, open the eLicense Control Center again(PC: Start menu, All Programs, eLicenser, eLCC. MAC: Applications, eLicenser Control Center). Then go to “Enter Activation Code” on the top left.

Your computer needs to be connected to the internet to complete this download.

Thank you.

Hey guys,
i have a problem with reactivating Cubase Elements 6.
it was installed on my lion, then i got back to Snow Leopard.
Tried to install it again, then it asks for reactivation. then went to MySteinberg, entered the NEW SOFT-ELICENSER NUMBER, then entered my previous Activation code - but instead a new activation code - i got this msg:

“The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license.
Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.”

What should i do? :frowning:

Hello nim,

Where in the world are you located exactly and where did you purchase your Cubase Elements 6 program?

Thank you.

I have this same problem with Cubase Le5 I got the software when I purchased my Zoom Pedal. It worked fine on my laptop. Well, my laptop died. Now I want to put it on the computer I am using now. It is a desktop pc running windows xp. When I start up Cubase, it asks me to register the product. If I say cancel, it closes the program, so I have to say ‘register’ After that it takes me to a page where I enter in the soft elicense and activation code. I type them in and it says this code has already been used. ??? I have tried every way I know and followed every step on the website, still I can’t run the software on this new computer.
Please…can anybody help with this?

Does it give you the option, “Already registered”?
If so, click that.