Can't reactivate cubase elements 9.5 !!! PLEASE help

I bought the upgrade, previously I was on ai 6.
The upgrade went well.
However, I’ve had to reset windows and I reinstalled cubase elements 9.5
However, I can’t seem to reactivate it/request a new activation code on MySteinberg ?
Why is this ?? I’ve looked all over on the website, no option to reactivate ?
All it says is ‘contact support’ instead of reactivate.
And when I click the big button on top instead to reactivate, my previous e-licenser which had cubase elements 9.5 IS NOT in the list.
What kind of joke is this ? I already lost a full day of music today. I’m a paying customer, this is unacceptable.
If steinberg doesn’t respond QUICK, I will sell my account and move on to another DAW.
Please help, I want to make music !!
Thank you

Hi and welcome,

No, it doesn’t ask for a new Activation Code, but for the new Soft-eLicenser Number, i.e. number of your new Soft-eLicenser, where will be the software activated.