Can't reactivate Cubase Elements LE AI..?

Hey guys,
i have a problem with reactivating Cubase Elements 6.
it was installed on my lion, then i got back to Snow Leopard.
Tried to install it again, then it asks for reactivation. then went to MySteinberg, entered the NEW SOFT-ELICENSER NUMBER, then entered my previous Activation code - but instead a new activation code - i got this msg:

“The activation code has been used already. An activation code can be used only once to download or upgrade a license.
Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.”

What should i do? :frowning:

I would try the process again, log out and log back in. It may help?

10x for ur answer, but… naaaaa
been there, done that…
Actually, i’ve tried everything, except asking for help here :\

Send an e-mail to info(at)steinberg(dot)de explaining the situation.