cant reactivate cubase L4

hello :smiley:
my pc crashed and i tried to reactivate my cubase L4 on steinberg “reactivate product”
a error messages shows up “need a new activation code???”
i have a “my steinberg account” so i go to support request form and send a email…no answer
i send a second one…they give me a link for…steinberg activation+reactivation site
i call them…they told me they cant give me a new code…only steinberg can do it???
is there a way to contact steinberg directly???
or maybe something else i can do :smiley:

When you re-installed Cubase, LCC should have generated a new number that you use at My Steinberg to re-authorize. Look at the top of the E-licenser App to find the #.

thanks …i tried this but nothing happend :frowning:
but maybe there is hope :smiley:
i wrote on steinberg facebook and they give me a direct steinberg email
wish me luck …

problem finaly solved :laughing: