Can't reactivate Cubase LE licence

Last month I bought a Zoom H5 handy recorder which had bundled two activation codes for both Cubase LE and Wavelab LE. I used to work with them for about two weeks and loved it.
Unfortunately then I had to wipe my entire SSD without being able to do a backup, and that erased permanently all the programs including the elicenser.
I tried to reinstall Cubase but after entering the key the elicenser stops everything as long as the activation code has already been used. I then followed the guide for reactivating the licence, but as is shown in the dedicated page on, my soft elicenser doesn’t contain any licence linked to my account, so here I am stuck.
PS : I tried to submit a ticket to MySupport page (request (ticket ID# 311753) ) as suggested by the elicenser, but strangely every time I try to reach that webpage to see the status of my ticket I am immediately redirected back to (?!?).

If anybody could have even a partial solution to that, I would be immensely grateful.

Thanks in advance,
kindly regards


Hi and welcome,

The one who will help you would need your Activation Code or Download Access Code to be able to add your old Soft-eLicenser to your MySteinberg account. You probably didn’t register it. Then you can reactivate to the new Soft-eLicenser.

As you can imagine, you shouldn’t share your Activation Code or Download Access Code here on the forum and only official Steinberg technical support (even your local) have permission to go to the internal Steinberg system to do so.