can't reactivate cubase on new computer

hi there!

I am having an obscene amount of difficulty attempting to reactivate my copy of Cubase Elements on my new computer. I do not know how to describe exactly what’s going on but suffice to say the reactivation process through MySteinberg has proved very unsuccessful for me - no matter what serial numbers I enter from soft eLicensers new & old, no matter what old product activation codes I enter, always an error in that red-coloured text. I was hoping that since I have, I’m quite sure, all the necessary codes, account details, etc, someone may be to help me. it’s quite important to me.

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Surely a good idea would be to post what the red error message says

I am also having this issues.
I cant reinstall on my new computer

upon entering the eLicenser serial number from my new computer I am told that there are ‘no products found on this eLicenser’, while if I attempt to enter the old serial number from the eLicenser on my old computer, I get; ‘This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.’

If I try to enter the download access codes that I used to activate my copy of cubase, I get ‘The eLicenser assigned to this Activation Code was already registered by another user.’

And you are doing that in the reactivation area of your mySteinberg account? And your previous registration is shown there?

no, I don’t believe I ever used ‘MySteinberg’ before to register my copy of cubase - think I just used the code straight into the eLicenser

Read this carefully

Well. Then you should learn about that first.

Christ, you guys are helpful. I’ve spent enough hours reading through all that. Can someone please just give me an email address for support?

Read this:

cool, thankyou!