Can't Recall Saved Effects Track Presets

I don’t know if I have found a bug, or if this is just not a feature that is available. When I save effects tracks as track presets they show up in the current presets window when I enter the save dialog again after saving the first time, and then when I go to (add track) Using Track Preset… they show up under the “Audio” folder in the Choose Track preset window, but when I double click it nothing happens. No matter how I try to do it, the effects track presets do not load.

Cubase factory track presets work. My own audio and VST instrument track presets work, but not effects tracks? Is this intentional? If so why allow the preset to even be saved and show up in the Choose Track Presets menu as a seemingly valid preset to choose?


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Holding Ctrl+Shift+Alt doesn’t seem to be putting Cubase 10.5 into safe mode. I just get an old-looking “Cubase Open Document Options” window.


Then you have to hit the combination early, be faster.

Sorry for the delay. That was it Martin, I was too slow! :smiley:

All saved Track presets still show up in the save dialog as before, but now when I go to (add track) Using Track Preset… I don’t see anything. They just don’t show up. Not even the Audio track presets.


Could you reinstall Cubase (as administrator)? Are you on Mac or Windows?