can't record audio, but the signal exists

I have a mic plugged into input1 of an M-Audio Fast Track Pro; input signal registers at the input; running ASIO driver and vst connections are active and routed;and the desired track is set to monitor and record, but no signal arrives at the input channel for the input. What am I missing? I’m a Cubaser from the sx days, so I’m pretty familiar with things, but maybe I’m missing something in this newest twirly bird.


Intel i5 760@2.8GHz
8 GB Ram
Windows 7 32bit
m-Audio Fast Track Pro (next update to do)
Cubase7 version 7.0.2
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465
Keystation Pro88
Roland TD-9 vDrums

Well, I re installed the driver for the Fast Track, and the inputs work this time.

Now, projects play back, but the “play” tool auditions parts in silence, and also the Media Bay audition is just as silent.

use the control room to audition or set the preference to “monitor via headphones” in the preferences

I have the same problem. I discovered the audition is going to the control room but I cant find any way of changing preference to “monitor via headphones”

You don´t need to use the control room neither for the play tool nor for Media bay audition. And routing preview to phones channel will also only help, if you have set up a phones channel.

Look more thorough - it´s called “use phones channel for preview channel” though