can't record audio track but sound check good

I am new to the software, Cubase LE 9,5. I’m sure I’m missing something ridiculously simple. I have done the setup and learned basics from several tutorial videos. But when I try to record, I get nothing. The guitar is coming through my monitor speakers and I can see the level indicator bouncing up on the mixer. Every video I watched, the simply record enable, monitor, hit record and go. Oh yeah, and make sure you’ve got the appropriate input.I simply can’t figure out what I’ve got set wrong.

Hi and welcome,

You said you can see the incoming signal. So what happens when you hit record? Can you see the signal? Can you see the waveform is drawn? Do you use Mono Audio track?

When I hit record, the line starts moving like it is recording, but I don’t see any wave form being created and I can’t hear anything when I try to play back. However, when I zoom in as far as it will go, it looks like a tiny wave form.

Oh, yeah, and I am using a mono track for my guitar. I also have a microphone hooked up and it too shows up on the level meter. Problem might be my 4 year old computer. Gen 4, i7, 3.6 ghz processor. 16 gb ram, 500 gb solid state drive. Mono audio, yes. I tried instrument. Apparently, that is for virtual instruments.


Could you try to select the recorded audio event, and use Audio > Processes > Normalize? Then try to listen the signal (be careful, it could be really loud, lower the volume before).

Is it just a noise? If yes, then probably wrong in put is selected.