Can't record audio

Hey there!

Hope you guys can help me with my situation - amateur here. I’m currently using Cubase 9.5 on a Macbook air (macOS Sierra) with an M-Audio 2x2 interface. I already did my best to configure everything but my recording just doesn’t have any sound. Here are some screen caps:

I already set M-Audio as my device in the Studio Setup. Also, I set M-Audio 2x2 with 2 Monos (Mono 2 as default input) in the Input in Audio Setup.In my interface, my bass guitar is connected to Channel 2, and is set up to the proper level of gain. It seems Cubase is picking up signals but it just won’t record. Asking for help, getting quite desperate here. :frowning:

I attached a few screenshots.

Thanks for those who can help!

Activate the input monitor and start reading the manual.

yup like what svennilenni said