Cant record audio

This is my 1st time using Cubase I should point out.

So, when I chose a template “16 mono 8 stereo 16 midi 8 groups +fx” i have the option to chose audio inputs and outs above Inspector once launched. However I dont see anything in Inspector. When I record in this template I dont see a wave just a square with a rainbow in it.

Now when I chose the “Guitar vocal” template I see all the features in inspector, everything looks normal but I cant get any signal through, the meters arent working and as result, I dont record audio just a flat line. In this template there’s no “audio imputs and audio output connected/not connected” to select above the Inspector so I can set it. Presumably thats why I cant record audio??

So I got the choice between the ‘rainbow’ where the meters a_re_ working or the ‘no signal’ template.

Generally the templates need to be personalized, and tailored to your Hardware i.e. VST connections have to be established for the template (unless using templates installed with the HW) and after making any other changes to the track settings, saved again, overwriting the former template. (Of course you can make backups of the originals first if you like.)

If you’re not getting audio, may I suggest that you first check the connection to your audio interface, physical and software based.

Does your interface support ASIO? If so, then look across the menus at the top of the screen for one named ‘Device.’ Click on this and select ‘Device Setup.’ Look for ‘VST Audio System.’ If you don’t see your interface, have you installed the drivers and checked that the connections are secure. Check again. If your device doesn’t support ASIO, select ‘Generic ASIO Device.’

On the right-hand side is a drop down list. Select the driver for your audio interface device here. Then select ‘VST System Link.’

On the right-hand drop down list under ASIO input, select the first two inputs for your audio interface device. Do the same for the ASIO output drop down list. Click OK.

Press F4 and see if your audio interface device has been selected as source. Decide how many interface inputs you require. And if you require mono or stereo inputs. If the default inputs are not what you require, right click on them and select ‘Remove Bus [whichever].’ Do this until the ones you don’t want are gone.

Then click the ‘Add Bus’ button and select how many inputs you require. If all mono, simply select ‘mono’ and the number required. When you are satisfied, click on the Output tab.

Select the stereo out for your audio interface device. Click on the ‘+’ sign beside the ‘Presets’ drop down menus and name it as you choose. Press F4 again to close this section.

Click on the Edit menu and select New Project. Choose Empty. Press F4 again. Make sure that the inputs and outputs are as expected. If not, click the ‘Presets’ menu button and select the one you previously saved. Press F4 again.

Add an audio track and record enable it. Hit Record and keep an eye on the wave graphic. If it’s difficult to see the graphic, pull down the audio track and raise the left facing arrow on the extreme top right of the recording screen.

Hopefully, this will get some audio recorded for you. If not, come back here and describe your setup and the steps you have taken to record some stuff. And remember that YouTube is your friend. Just type Cubase and your version. There’s a lot of stuff out there. Good luck and welcome to Cubase! :slight_smile:

Yes that worked. Thanks for taking the time to explain all that. Just a quick question: Is it possible to save all your bus settings and track instances as presets (like ‘acoustic guitar/vocal’) so you dont have to set the bus settings every time you start a new session?

Yes… Just save it as a template and name it appropriately like “Favorite Acoustic Guitar Vocal Template”.

Regards. :slight_smile: