Can't record directly from generator plugin

In the grand scheme of things this is a minor annoyance and has a work around, though it may have other implications I can’t think off in the moment.

I tried to record a new 2-pop using the Generator insert.

The problem is if you place Generator insert onto an audio track you can’t record it:

  1. Unless the track has an input, you can’t arm it for record (record button is grayed out).
  2. Once you solve the dummy input, and actually arm the track for record, the generator signal is not recorded anyways.

Instead you have to put the Generator insert on it’s own FX track, route that do a bus, and then make that bus the input to your audio channel to successfully record. That’s a lot of extra steps.

Maybe the generator plugin should just be treated as an instrument? That would remove the need for a bus to route through.

Insert comes after input. To record, insert it to an input track instead then record that on an audio track.


Then, it is hard to use it as a tool for finding routing issues, since instruments can’t get used as an insert in audio channels.