Cant record dry

Hi folks,

I’m very new to cubase, and can’t seem to get past acouple of issues to get started recording.

Firrstly,is it correct to have both ‘record enable’ +‘monitor’ selected in order to record? When I have ‘monitor’ selected there is signal in, but loads of effects that I just can’t get rid of. Without the ‘monitor’ selected, there is no sound recorded, but the sound through the phones is dry and the way I like to record!

Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

What audio card are you using? Does it have built in effects processing? Are you monitoring the input to the card or the output from Cubase? How is the signal routing set up (VST connections, etc.) to the audio track. This information will help sort it out. Screen shots would be helpful.

Hi, and thanks for your reply,

I am using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 interface, and I have selected the correct driver.( focusrite usb 2.0 audio driver)

It seems to me that because I can only record with ‘effects’, that I must be monitoring the output. How do I change this??

Could you talk me though this !! I still don’t understand why I have to select monitor and record enable.
( my old Adat was so easy)

There have to be effects in the signal path if you hear them. Disable them on whatever channel they’re on if you don’t want to hear them. Screenshots of Project Window and Mixer.

A DAW is not an ADAT.

I don’t think you should have to enable monitor in order to record, however if you want to hear what you are recording live, you need monitoring enabled, that’s what it’s for.