Can't record external effects onto a new track


Is there any way to easily record an external effect over an existing track in Cubase 6?

I have managed it in a few songs lately but the current song I am working on is not letting me do what I want it to do (re record a dry guitar track through my effects pedals routed into an rme fireface) and then using the external effects plug in on the dry guitar track in cubase.

I think there is an issue with the inputs I’m using in the project.

Does anyone have an easy to follow guide as the manual is very low on info when you read it.

I want to record the dry gutiar and external effect as a new seperate track so I can tweak the pedals whilst recording the signal ‘live’.

Please help it is really frustrating.


Hi guys bumping this for anyone that records using Cubase 6 with an RME Fireface 800.

I have been successful after a fashion doing this but if anyone has a foolproof guide would be great if you could share the info.

Manual “Recording from busses”…!?

Forgive me I think I have made a mess of the routing somehow in this particular song in Cubase.

My external effects are connected via the output from my pedal board to input one of the fireface (on the rear) and input from fx pedal to out put 5 (also on back panel).

Could you give me a short sentence how to record this signal over an pre exisiting guitar track which is in cubase?

I have made a new track to record the signal and put the input as 5 in the ‘connections’ dialog, I can hear it but it doesn’t record the wet signal only the dry one again which I don’t want.

I have the manual for the fireface and cubase but it doesn’t make much sense in this re amping situation I am in.

I want to record the track (again) which is already recorded but with the wet signal coming out through my monitors which I can hear fine.

Thanks in advance.

If I read you correctly, Cubase channel output 5 goes to the fx, and the fx output comes back in Cubase channel input 1. In sentence 2 you say you record input 5, so that should be input 1.

BTW, keep it clear for yourself; an output goes to an input, not the other way around.


This is the problem, when I try to select the input in the mixer (cubase connections panel) in cubase it doesn’t work as input 1 is being used by the external effects return which has to be inserted onto the original vocal track that I want to process.

I have had it working on other songs which makes me think there is some internal routing in the song going wrong somewhere, hence I need to talk with someone who has used something similar to a fireface 800 as totalmix can sometimes be hard to work out.

I wish it was that simple :confused:

Yes, if the outbord FX is set up with Cubase`s “External FX” feature. You need to inser´t the external FX into an insert of the track you want to process with it, then record this track nternally via the “recording from busses” function.
2nd possibility: You send the track to an FX track, and insert the external FX there and record the FX track´s output via the “recording from busses” feature.
3rd possibility: You discard the External FX feature and use a send from cubase to one of the Fireface´s outputs, send the signal you want to have the FX on via send, or ouput routing, connect that output to your FX input, connect the FX output to a Fireface input and record that input in cubase.


Thanks for getting back I can’t see where it says recording from busses in the manual do you have a page number where the info is? sorry to sound dumb.

The trouble is the manual is very hard for me to understand as it is filled with technical jargon and I think it could be way clearer for the less experienced user.

I will have another good look so thanks for getting back.

I’m happy to report this is now solved thanks to the group track advice you gave and re reading the manual thoroughly, cheers guys :slight_smile: