Can't record GA

trying to record some beats via hitting the pads with assigned samples, but nothing is recorded during recording into the record enabled GE Instrument track. I see the activity on the track’s fader, so GE should be correctly set up in the track. Any hint?

Thank you.

The pads are only used for previewing and instrument selection, and don’t transmit MIDI data.

You can use Cubase’s Virtual Keyboard (Alt+K) to send MIDI data by clicking on the keys or using your computer keyboard. The Virtual Keyboard has two modes which can toggled by clicking the little circle to the bottom right. One of them has bigger keys which are easier to click.

I don’t believe the above answer is correct. You can record the pad’s midi notes - the notes are sent if you click them with a mouse. If you set the input of GE’s instrument track to “Groove Agent Midi Out”, GE’s pad notes can be recorded.

You can also create a midi track (in addition to GE’s instrument track) and set the input of the midi track to “Groove Agent Midi Out”.
In order to hear the recorded midi track, the output of the midi track s/b set to “Groove Agent Main”.