Cant record in cubase 12

Hello, i just bought a m1 macbook and wanted to record vocals, but i cant
I made mono input, did every audio connection etc.
I’m using apollo twin mk2, tought it would be a problem, cuz i never had mac before, but there is no problem with conneting apollo to the macbook
I did find out that i cant enable mic for cubase, never showed up when i first opened it, and now i cant enable it because it’s not showing up in settings
Reinstalled cubase, (i think) deleted every file to fully uninstall and reinstall it, but still not ask for mic using
Can someone help me how to enable it? I literally need a step by step tutorial because im totally new to mac

Sorry for my english :smiley:

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Make sure Cubase is enabled on the System Settings > Security & Privacy > Mic, please.

As far as I know UAD plugins are not Apple Silicon ready. So you have to start Cubase in Rosetta 2 mode.

Hi, thanks
There is no other problem than input problem
Apollo plugins works fine etc.
The only problem is to recording vocal, and i can’t enable it in security… because cubase is not on the list, that’s what i want to fix