Can't record MIDI -- baffled

My controller is visible in MIDI Connections
I see input signal on the Transport Bar
My controller is triggering samples in Halion perfectly

However, when I go to record MIDI, the part is either empty of information,
or it poofs as soon as I’m done recording (as if no info had been recorded)


Wish I had a nickle for eveytime I’ve typed this. Check Use System Timestamp in MIDI Port Setup.

Result of being a Lounge Lizard.

I tried that, but I still can’t record any MIDI

And thanks for the suggestion – PM your PayPal account name and I’ll remit
$.05 to you! I’m serious! :laughing:

Ok, then you need to use the Emulated Ports for the device. See MIDI Timing in sig.

If it poofs, then there is nothing recorded. In that case you should also check your MIDI filter settings.

Does this link help?