Can't record midi (VSTs) since installing CI2+

After I installed the CI2+ interface I can’t record midi w/VSTs. When not recording, I can monitor the playing of the VST just fine, for example, in the Grand 3, Halion Sonic, I can play those in standalone, or within Cubase 6 and hear them just fine. When I try to record midi parts in Cubase 6 the tranport bar will show that it is receiving input from the midi controller keyboad, but no sound and no recorded parts. I have an EMU Xboard 61 controller keyboard connected via USB to my system. In a prior configuration that worked, I had an EMU1616M PCE. Nothing else was different and that worked fine. The only thing that has been changed out is the interface with the CI2+ replacing the EMU 1616M. Old 1616m drivers have been removed and the CI2+ drivers installed. Have checked all I can think of as far as device setup, preferences, connections, timestamp, etc.

Resolved - I found out that somehow all of the Filters in the Record MIDI section of preferences had been turned on. I have no idea how this was done as I hadn’t been into the preferences settings for 6 months. Turned off the filters on the Record side and everything is working fine now.