Can't record neither MIDI nor Audio

All buses and ports are right and active. I can play and hear what, and see that, I play - but it doesn’t record. (Only Windows MIDI are not active, if that has anything to do with it…) I have Cubase Essential 4, and Windows 7.

Hi ingvild

Why don’t you register on the forum and get access to post on the relevant page for your product?

You will get so much more help there.


Can you attach some screenshots? What about your VST Connection Input/Output tab looks? What about settings of your tracks? can you send screenshot during the recording?

I concur, you need to supply some screen shots, mate. It’s difficult to assess much of anything, since there are so many different things that could affect what you are trying to do.

“Windows MIDI” should not matter (it’s inactive on my system too).