cant record or get output signal.

As I load cubase I get a message of missing ports. when I bring up a project I can hit play and i am able to hear tracks I have recorded, so in VST connections I feel i have my outputs set up correctly. On my input connections I have a single bus and under audio device I have my dig audio converter (komplet audio 6) listed. Under device port I have “input 1 L”. My first question is, is the “input 1 L” referencing the main left port on my audio interface hardware. On my KA6 there are 2 main front plugins that allow me to have like a vocal mic and a guitar mic. I think when I see “input 1L” they are talking aobut the input 1 on my KA6. I think it is I’m just not sure. If so I think I should be able to get an output signal from the KA6 to cubase. now 1 other thing. When I go to device set up. I know I have KA6 selected as my ASIO driver, but one of the tutorials recommended that on the left I go under VST audio section to the selected ASIO driver and make sure that all my R and L inputs/outputs are active. However, I have several that are labeled inactive and the videos don’t tell you how to make them active. They just say they need to be active. i have had this working before. Not sure why I am having so much trouble now.

one other detail: my missing ports says “microphone high definition 2 and underneath it is microphone high definition 2” then there is a I/O column and both are marked in. then the last column show both are unmapped.

No need for inputs to be active unless you are actually using them. If you don’t have them assigned to anything in VST connections then they will appear as inactive.

As to the missing ports…sounds like built in audiocard input or something. I doubt it has anything to do with this problem.

Maybe you can screencap your VST device setup and your vst connections inputs.