Can't record sound (cubase 5)

Hello! I just installed Cubase for the first time on my Windows laptop and hooked up my Zoom R16 with it to use as interface and controller, but it doesn’t work quite as smoothly as I thought it would. I can hear sound from my mics when monitoring its track, but I can’t record the sound. All input and output channels are active in the device setup. What am I missing? Haven’t worked in Cubase before (only used Pro Tools up until now). Your help would be very appreciated!! Thanks in advance!



Is Zoom R16 selected in the Devices > Device Setup, as an ASIO Driver? Can you see meters while recording? Is the waveform created while recording?

Because of poor Zoom ASIO drivers, I would recommend you to install ASIO4ALL (if you are on Windows) virtual ASIO driver.