Can't record VST output Cubase LE 5

I’m trying to run Cerebrum on Cubase LE 5 (windows pc), and I have the VST installed. I added the instrument track, I can play and hear the drumbeat through the stereo out, but it will not record the sound. I set the record enable on the instrument track, and it does not record anything. Also, the monitor button has no effect in the instrument track. Only the monitor button on the stereo track affects the sound. The drum beats are not written as midi strokes - the sounds are generated by the VST. Do I need to loop my monitor into another track to record this? That seems silly.

Actually, I tried connecting the headphone output to a line input, and it doesn’t work. My Alesis iO4 must block feedback loops.

Is there a way to set my output bus to a track and not the stereo bus?

And how should your interface know, the other end of its input is connected to an output that could create a feedback - you´re probably doing something not correctly (IMHO)

Not with LE 5