Cant record!


New to cubase so assume that I am not doing something simple! Please forgive me if the following appears to be basic!

Firstly, I have installed cubase LE 8 on my mac running Yosemite ver 10.10. In addition I have purchased a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB interface which runs in class compliant mode, no drivers are necessary for a mac.

The problem I am having is when I open Cubase, create an empty project, add a track ( say audio ) and press record, no wave pattern is created and no sound is present when I play the recording back?

I have checked the VST connections which report for both input and output that the Scarlett 2i2 is enabled?

The most fustrating thing is that I can view the audio input levels coming through the mike, scarlett 212, cubase on the control panel volume levels. This makes me feel as if the connections are correct, but cant record?

If any one would be so kind to let me know what I am doing wrong I would be very grateful. Thank you.


I am having this same issue bubbles, though the VST connections are not the problem for myself. My issues revolve around my UR22 being able to read Inputs 1/2 yet the software, Cubase AI 8, not reading it nor will it record a wave pattern (It will not record a wave pattern even when using their basic VST, Halion SCe!)

I am new as well so hoping a reply will come soon!

in the inspector of the audio channel you have to select the input and assign it to the adio channel input. If you then click on the little speaker icon on the audiotrack you should hear the audio coming in to cubase. Also your inputs on the mixer will show the signal. (the speaker icon is only for monitoring, so you do not need it if you are routing directly from your soundcard to your speakers.

  • If you hear nothing coming out of the monitorred channel, or your inputs are showing nothing on the mixer, then the routing hasn’t been setup correctly.
    THere are several things that could be wrong here:

  • You talk about a “control panel”. Is this the “control room” ? If so: switch off the control room. you do not need it with this type of audio card, and it makes things a lot more complicated. The control room is for people in a studio that has multiple monitors an mutiple outputs. I’ve seen quite some new users get completely lost and freaked out due to the advanced nature of the control room.

  • if you say connections are setup correctly, then you should be able, f.e. if you want a stereo input, to assign this to the stereo audio track. That should give you sound.

Maybe some mac users jump in and have other ideas.
hope it helps,

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Hi Marty,

As Roel has explained, you’ll need to ensure that your VST Connections are set up and that you have also selected the correct input/output in the inspector of your audio track (the left sidebar). You may wish to watch this video from our answerbase which explains how to do this (skip to 8:40):

The tutorial is for PC but the steps are essentially the same on a Mac (you’ll be selecting the Scarlett instead of a driver in Devices > Device Setup).

I hope this helps, feel free to get in contact with us directly if you have any further issues:

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Jack // Focusrite Technical Support