Cant register Cubase LE 7

i have Cubase lE7 and a focusrite studio, win 7 64bit monster pc for the whole opperation. i downloaded SeL about 8 times now, so im sure its the latest one. reinstalled everything now about 3 times. switched off anti virus, made sure my 15meg fiber optic internet connection was up and stable. went thru every forum there is about this, followed every bit5 of guideline to the letter. But still, i cant get my Cubase to regester. on the web it says that no serial number exist for the SeL. thats the number the SeL gave me, like n the description on the web site. i have an account and it shows that my lisence number is there, but not regestred. im now at a loss. the SeL keeps saying the connection to the server could not be established. its being said for 2 wees now.

Can someone please help me regester cubase le 7 so i can start working with it? especialy before trail ends. :unamused:

Kind regards

Sent you a PM.

Hi Joshua

Dont bother helping anymore. i will return the product tomorrow and go buy Pro Tools. they apparently have proper support and servers that actually allow registration.

Good bye

educated client :blush: