Can't register Cubase

Hi everyone.
This week I bought 2 updates to my Cubase, I bought the 11 elements and later the cubase 11 PRO, and there is no way to validate it, I have done everything, I have uninstalled it many times, download the Elicenser help control too and nothing, I can’t find the form, it won’t let me validate it when entering the codes, what can I do? Can you help me remotely? it is urgent please.
Enclosed I am sending you some screenshots for you to see.

Hi and welcome,

Be aware, Cubase Pro license needs the USB-eLicenser. If you have one already, transfer your Cubase Elements license to the USB-license in the eLCC application (just drag and drop Cubase Elements license to the USB-eLicenser icon on the left). Once Cubase Elements license sits on your USB-eLicenser, you can upgrade the license to Cubase Pro.

I already have a USB Elicenser, I previously have Cubase9 Pro, I have already tried that, it does not let me drag it to the USB Elisencer simply because it does not appear to me, when I enter the activation code it does not appear.


You should see the USB-eLicenser in the eLCC application before you click to Enter Activation Code. Can you see it in the default window? Drag and drop it here, please.