Can't reinstall- corrupt file

I have email support twice with this but no luck, hence this post.

I simply want to re install Halion 4 (downloaded upgrade from Halion Sonic), but when I click on the file and the extraction takes place I get a crc error near the end. The installation ends with a dialogue box stating that I should ‘Download a fresh copy and retry the installation’. OK but where? Am I being daft, but my original purchase email takes me to a link that doesn’t give me the option to download again.

I thought the amount paid for the software was mainly for the licence. I own a lot of Steinberg products all safely stored on my dongle, and am a legitimate professional user. I can’t understand why I can’t download the software again.

I do hope someone can help.


Hi unogeek,

please write an email to the Steinberg support team.

You will get a new download link.

Thanks for your help- all sorted